Eridan x Reader (Part 1)
              -------------------WARNING; THIS WILL BE A LEMON-----------------------

            A young troll girl was walking down the street, unaware of the shadow lurking behind her. She had just exited the doors of Trollmart, her groceries in her hands. She knew the streets fairly well, and kept to the allies, being just a lowly rust blood she didn't want any trouble with the higher bloods on the Hemospectrum. As she entered one of the many allies that littered the streets, something made a noise behind her. She whipped around; afraid it might be one of the higher bloods, out to cause a mess. As soon as she did whip around, she was banged on the head with something rather heavy. She lost consciousness and passed out in the ally.

        The girl fell out and back into unconsciousness, blurs of purple, small exchanges of speech, and other things of lesser importance happened around her. She was finally dumped off in a room with no windows, and no source of light. A door slammed shut as she fell into unconsciousness once again.

       The door finally opened, her head being wrenched up harshly. She opened her eyes, not much made sense around her, everything was either blurs, or sharp colors, blinding light that hurt to look at. She blinked hard, and when she opened her eyes, a pair of cold, purple ones looked back into her rust red ones. The troll with the purple eyes seemed to be examining her, looking her over like she was something to be bought and made sure that it wasn't damaged before purchase. The troll murmured a few things to another party, somewhere else in the room she was in. Shortly after, she was blind folded, gagged, and forced to her feet.

      After what felt like months of walking, she was led onto what felt like a dock. She panicked at the sound of waves around her. Being a rust blood, she feared the water and could not swim. Luckily, she made no contact with the sloshing waves below her. Instead being led onto a boat, and thrown into another room. This room was more pleasant than the last; there was no cold sting of dirty stone floors. Plush carpet met her bruised knees instead. She lay down on the floor, wondering what would happen to her.
       Her senses slowly came back to her over time, and when they fully returned, she was struggling against the ropes that bound her wrists and ankles. Muffled curses poured out of her gagged mouth. There was one troll in the room with her; she noticed from his laugh that he was a male.  The blindfold was torn off of her face, those cold purple eyes staring back at her. A devilish smirk on his face as the boat stopped moving, "wwe're here" he whispered to her in a strange accent. His "w's" were stuttered.